We contacted Sofia Rose after seeing her photo's online and thought she'd be an amazing addition to our stable of Ultimatebbw models. Sofia said she'd love to come and shoot so we set it up.

Even though the flight was delayed which ate into our shoot time quite significantly, that all went to the side because when I picked Sofia up from the airport, she was actually prettier than the photos that id already seen online. I'd liken her to a 300lb Sofia Loren but, with a really massive pair of tits. I don't doubt for a second that Sofia causes many a double take when she's out in public with her massive melons bouncing up and down.

At that point, I knew our shoot was going to be an awful lot of fun (if a little challenging on our wardrobe) and Sofia really pushed the boat out with her sexy poses. For a big girl she's quite the gymnast and thats no easy task, when for example, I trussed her up in a PVC corset and had her strutting around in 6 inch high heels.


      Blue Corset 2 Blue Corset 1 White Net Booty 2
White Net Booty 1 Sofia Rosewearing tight red pvc lycra miniskirt, fishnet hose, boob hugging PVC corset and high heels photoset. Check Sofia's amazing curves, long legs and those sexy eyes! And if that wasn;t enough, check out those huge 38jj bazooma's in this very erotic tight corset striptease. Massive titted sofia looks awesome in her tiny daisy duke cutoffs and strappy hooker heels. Our super-hot latina goddess loves stipping for you - and oyu know she feels rewarded when her fat ass gets you to cum. Hpt fatty in fishnet..... crotchless too no less and what could be better than that. Sofia's super slutty lingerie is like a second skin over her fat curvy body. Sofia Rose looks super cute with her babygirl pigtails. It's not the pigtails we're here for though, it's those gigantic tits and big fat ass.