SexyMae packs a whole lot of weight into her 5ft 2 frame, slightly over 500lbs to be precise. When we first got Sexymae back to the studio I was wondering how on earth I was going to squeeze all that extra fat into clothing for our photo-shoots and video. Luckily Mae bought a bunch of super large lingerie and clothes with her that could cope with her ginourmous 90 inch ass, so apart from a few tweeks here and there, we were good to go.

It wasn't long before Mae was stuffing herself into garters and stockings and squeezing into tight lycra miniskirts (which will be very welcome news for those who like super fat girls sex outfits) since only Layla Lashell was known for managing that in her shoots and SexyMae has 100lbs on Layla. Get ready for a whole world of cellulite, fat rolls and a huge wobbly ass as the gorgeous SexyMae hits the Ultimatebbw member area.

  Pink Mesh 2 Red lycra mini and stockngs 2
Pink Mesh 1 Red lycra mini and stockngs 1 Pink Lycra fat ass minidress strip
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Tight red bustier and fullbacks video Mini skirt and satin fullback stirptease s Lycra miniskirt and stockings
    Black Lycra 1 Pink Tube 2 Pink Tube 1 Zebra 2
White Dress 2 Zebra 1 Red bustier Babydoll Tight pink Red satin strip
White Dress 1 Stockings Net 2 Net Capris Pink baby