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(Dec2018) Airabella -Too small panites (Dec 2018) Airabella - 2Piece Pt1 (Nov 2018) Red - Beige mini 2 (Oct 2018) Curvy - Chemise 1
(Oct2018) Curvy - Black Mesh 2 (Sept 2018) Anastasia - little red panties (Sept 2018) Red - Beige mini 2 Aug 2018)Sugar - Tight leggings 2
(July 2018)Curvy - Black Mesh 1 (July 2018)Stef Jumper 2 (June 2018)Airabella - Pink Panties (June 2018)Cajun Red Velvet 2
(May 2018)Sicilia -Lycra Mini+Hose (Apr 2018) Airabella - Red Mini 2 (Apr 2018)Curvy - Silver Mini pt2 (Mar 2018) Airabella Peach Satin
(Mar 2018) Sexy Mae - Black Lycra2 (Feb 2018) Airabella - Red Mini 1 (Feb 2018) Cajun Red Velvet (Jan 2018) Curvy Black Lycra 1
(Jan 2018) Sugar - Tight leggings 1 (Jan 2018) Stef Jumper 1 (Dec 2017)Red - Beige Mini 1 (Dec 2017)Cajun Oil 2
(Dec 2017)Lexi - Pink and Mesh (Nov 2017)Curvy - mini 1 (Nov 2017)Sexy Mae - Black Lycra 1 (Nov 2017)Red Tight PVC 2
(Oct 2017)Sicilia Red Mesh 2 (Oct 2017)Airabella - Oily Video (Oct 2017)Airabella White PVC 2 (Sept 2017)Curvy - Chemise 2
(Sept 2017)Red - Blue Mini 2 (Sept 2017)Airabella - Pink Panty (Aug 2017)Sicilia - Red Mesh 1 (Aug 2017)Sugar - White Lycra 2
(Aug 2017)Curvy - Chemise 1 (July 2017)Red - PVC 3 (July 2017)Airabella - PVC 2 (July 2017)Sicilia Cutoffs 2
(Jun 2017)Red - Blue Mini 1 (Jun 2017)Cajun Balloons 1 (Jun 2017)Steff - Ripped 2 (May 2017)Sugar - White Lycra 1
(May 2017)Red - Plaid 2 (May 2017)SSBBW Jae - Nude Tank 2 (Apr 2017)Anastasia - Black mini 2 (Apr 2017)Airabella - Schoolgirl 2
(Apr 2017)Steff - Fishnet hose (Mar 2017)Sofia Rose - Blue Corset2 (Mar 2017)Sicila - Cut offs (Mar 2017)Red - Tight PVC
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(Mar 2017)Lexi - Pinstripe (Feb 2017)Anastasia - Pantyshow (Feb 2017)SSBBW Jae-Nude Tank (Feb 2017)Cajun - Oiling up
(Jan 2017) Steff- Tight Satin (Jan 2017) Airabella - Schoolgirl 1 (Jan 2017) Blake - Purple Lacey Panties 1 (Jan 2017) Ambrosia - Black Lycra 2
Sweet Adeline Sugar Sexy Mae Airabella
Sicilia Curves Sugar RedWhiteBeautiful More

Sofia Rose and Sweet Steff would fall into the 300lb range. Airabella and RedWhiteandBeautiful fall into the 350lb range. Ambrosia, Cajun, Blake Monarch, and Big Bootie Barbie weigh in the 350lb to 400lb range with Sweet Adeline, Anastasia Vanderbust, SSBBW Jae, Sicilia Curves, Sugar Moore and Scented kisses all being over 400lbs. Sexy Mae weighs in at 500lbs when she shot with us at her heaviest weight. All of the Ultimatebbw models weigh 300lbs or more, that is generally what is considered in the fat admiring community by Fat admirers as a BBW. The height of models has the biggest impact as to how their weight is distributed. A 400lb model that is 5ft 10' for example will have a different figure than the same weight model at 5ft 2.