Scented Kisses BBW SSBBW


Scented kisses contacted us for a shoot and since we already knew her work we jumped at the chance to shoot this super attractive, massive breasted BBW. Scented is a very similar build to Anastasia Vanderbust, she's quite tall at 5ft 11' and packs 400lbs of huge curves into her amazonian frame. Scented Kisses and Anastasia also share a similar tit size which falls into the "holy crap those are big tits" catagory. Bra makers must love girls like Scented because her lingerie must cost a fortune, id wager that you could make a nice bed set from one of her bra's. Thank goodness we have a wardrobe of super stretchy lycra, mesh and net outfits to squeeze Sceneted into for her photos and video, forgiving stetchy fabrics really were the only option for this gargantuan stunner.

It's not at all easy to describe or capture on camera just how big a girl like Scented is, seeing her in person is really the only way to grasp her size. Anyway, as an experienced model Scented Kisses was such a fun shoot and with those giant tits and her big fat ass we were sad to put the camera down at the end of our weekend.